More Training Games and Activities


We are making gradual progress in reformatting hundreds of training games and activities archived from the back issues of Thiagi GameLetter and posting them on our new website.

Here are the latest training games and activities that we have added to the collection.

To access them, click RESOURCES. Then click the icon for Games.

  1. Spread the Word: Retell the content to different audiences. (Interactive Lecture)
  2. Features: Sort the advice cards by their features. (Card Game)
  3. Scenarios: Find the most useful piece of advice for a specific situation. (Card Game)
  4. Read it Once: Another case against multitasking. (Jolt)
  5. Country Codes: Do you know that the Internet domain code for Switzerland is CH? (Textra Game)
  6. The Missing Key: What’s the point? (Interactive Lecture)
  7. Textra, Textra:  Read all about it. (Textra Game)
  8. Fluency Cards: How to acquire in-depth understanding of interpersonal concepts. (Card Game)
  9. Teammates: What are the behaviors of desirable team members? (Structured Sharing)
  10. Single: Locate the single best piece of advice. (Card Game)
  11. My Favorite Manager: How to be popular with your subordinates. (Structured sharing)
  12. Good Cop, Bad Cop: Public relations for the Police. (Structured Sharing)
  13. ET: Find out what makes an effective trainer. (Structured Sharing)
  14. Seven Words: It’s not what you say, but how you say it. (Jolt)
  15. Quick Change Artists: What makes people resilient  to change? (Structured Sharing)
  16. Workers and Watchers:  Discover the power of debriefing. (Jolt)
  17. Angry Customers:  Conduct conversations with an angry customer. (Roleplay)
  18. Everyday Hassles: Explore alternative responses. (Structured Sharing)
  19. What Do You Do? Find the best way to explain your job. (Structured Sharing)
  20. Mixed-Up Sentences: Review the contents of any lecture. (Interactive Lecture)
  21. Leadership Envelopes: Translate leadership principles into actions. (Structured Sharing)
  22. Humor in Presentations: Watch TED videos and learn how to be funny. (Double Exposure)
  23. Words and Pictures: Prepare a poster that taps into linguistic and visual intelligences. (Textra Game)
  24. Perseverance: When does perseverance become foolhardiness? (Jolt)
  25. Double Your Money: How would you share an unexpected payment? (Jolt)
  26. How? Ask team members to figure out how you performed magic. (Instructional Magic)
  27. Five “-ful” Envelopes: Hopeful, joyful, peaceful, playful, and thankful. (Structured Sharing)
  28. 20 Interventions: Explore performance-improvement interventions. (Textra Game)
  29. 2-Minute Drill. Review product knowledge and technical information. (Textra Game)
  30. $20 Game: Discover the importance of mindfulness. (Jolt)