Fast Table of Contents: March 2015

30 Days. Handling workplace situations as a manager

A Prime Jolt.  How our past memories influence our present behavior

Extra Letters. Solve this puzzle. Create your own puzzle.

D’oh! An Engagement Emergency activity from Mark Isabella

The Wheel of Life by Brian Remer. Wheels within wheels

Pieces of Advice. A roundup of Thiagi’s tweets

Free Webinar: Build Trust to Improve Performance. A webinar by Thiagi and Tracy.

Taking Storytelling to the Next Level: Adding Interactivity. Matt conducts a pre-conference workshop at the 2015 ATD Conference

Thiagi Workshops in the USA. Chicago, Cleveland, and Orlando

Thiagi Workshops Outside the USA. Spain, Switzerland, China, and France

More Training Games and Activities. Check out our growing collection of reformatted games

Online Survey: No Comments. Post your comments

Two Maxims. A Take Five with Thiagi Video on training guidelines

Will’s Video on Learning Objectives. It’s okay to use “understand”