Thiagi Workshops Outside the USA


Valencia, Spain: May 18-19, 2015. Thiagi’s Tools for Intercultural Training (co-facilitated with Samuel van den Bergh). Held as a pre-conference workshop of SIETAR Europe. Download the brochure (458K PDF) for additional details.

Winterthur, Switzerland: June 1-3, 2015. Interactive Training Strategies: A 3-day workshop. Organized by van den Bergh Thiagi Associates. Download the brochure (458K PDF) for additional details.

Shanghai, China: August 7-9, 2015. Interactive Training Strategies (co-facilitation and translation by  Mark Ma).

Guangzhou, China: August 11-12, 2015. Interactive Training Strategies (co-facilitation and translation by Mark Ma).

Beijing, China: August 14-16, 2015. Interactive Training Strategies (co-facilitation and translation by Mark Ma).

Download a PDF brochure in Mandarin (990K PDF) for additional details about the workshops in China.

Paris, France: October 27-29, 2015. Formations en stratégies interactives. (Interactive Training Strategies). Organized by Mieux-Apprendre. In English with simultaneous translation in French through headsets. Download the brochure (1M PDF) for additional details. 

Paris, France: October 30, 2015. Stratégies interactives de formations: les outils fondamentaux  (co-facilitated with Bruno Hourst). Organized by Mieux-Apprendre. Pour l’atelier d’une journée, une traduction de l’ensemble de l’atelier est également prévue. Aucune connaissance en anglais n’est nécessaire pour y assister. Download the brochure  (1M PDF) for additional details. 

In Planning Stages

Australia. My colleague John Loty is organizing his next series of Thiagi workshops in Australia later this year. Please contact John at to indicate your interest and to give him some appreciative comments. John is Australia’s leading facilitator and practitioner of appreciative inquiry. Find out more about his work at .

Singapore. Immediately after this year’s successful 3-day workshop in Singapore, my colleague Stanis Benjamin is busy organizing the January 2016 workshop. Please contact Stanis at to indicate your interest and to encourage him.