A Definition

(Instructional Puzzle)

Here’s a definition of an interactive training activity. To prevent other people from stealing the definition, I have encrypted it.

Cryptograms are highly engaging language puzzles. If you are unfamiliar with cryptograms, we recommend the explanation from our October 2006 issue of TGL.

The puzzle is presented in our interactive cryptogram solver. It requires JavaScript to run, and is specifically designed to work on mobile devices (i.e., iPhones and other smartphones, iPads and other tablets). It also works with modern desktop browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer.

Please try the puzzle out at http://thiagi.net/pfp/onlinepuzzles/tgl-2015-01/ (opens in a new window) and tell us what you think by commenting below.

A hint for this puzzle

The solution