Four-Level Crossword Puzzle: Gamification

We are experimenting with a new approach to using crossword puzzles.

This month’s puzzle is available at four different levels of difficulty.

We recommend that you begin at the expert level and attempt to solve the puzzle. If this level is too frustrating, move down to the intermediate level. If that still does not work, move farther down to the beginner level. If everything else fails, print out the solution.


Print out the expert version of this puzzle.

One word is already filled in: GAMIFICATION.

Here’s the single clue for all the remaining words: This is an element of gamification.


Print out the intermediate version of the puzzle.

This version adds correct letters in some of the blanks.

Use the correct letters to figure out the missing words.


Print out the beginner version of the puzzle.

This version adds individual clues for all the words.


Print out the complete, correct solution to prevent yourself from getting a headache.

Maybe you should read a book or visit the Gamification Wiki to increase your knowledge of gamification.