Which Hand?

A jolt is an experiential learning activity that lasts for a brief period of time and illustrates one or more important learning points.

I want you to participate in a jolt that deals with self-improvement. Later, you can facilitate this activity with other participants.

Copying Exercise

You need a piece of paper and a pen.

Copy this question, using your preferred hand:

Should I build upon my strengths or eliminate my weaknesses?

Now transfer the pen to your left hand. (If you are left-handed, transfer the pen to your right hand.) Copy the same question again: Should I build upon my strengths or eliminate my weaknesses?

What were the difference between to the two copying exercises? When did you feel more comfortable? When did you copy the question without self-consciously paying attention to what you were doing?

Your Project

For the next two weeks, you are going to spend 15 minutes a day, writing with one of your hands. Your goal to write faster and more smoothly with that hand. You want what you wrote to be legible, attractive, and easy to read.

Which hand would you use during this 2-week handwriting program? You preferred hand or the other hand?
Why did you choose this hand?

If you use your preferred hand, you will be improving something you already do well. You are building upon a strength that you have mastered. If you use the other hand, it is almost learning and practicing a new skill. You are getting rid of a weakness.

There is a debate going on about which is a better approach to self-improvement: improving your strengths or removing you weaknesses. For example, if you are good writer but not a good presenter, should you focus on becoming a better writer or try to become a good presenter?

Make a list of four or five of your strengths and weaknesses. If you have a month of free time, what would you focus on with respect to the items in this list?

Self-discloser: I am a great believer strength-based personal growth.