The Facilitative Trainer: A New Virtual Series

Many have taken our Interactive Techniques for Instructor-Led Training Program which focuses specifically on the design of training games, activities and simulations. We often get questions that go beyond the design of activities into training overall. The Facilitative Trainer answers these questions. It explores the mechanics of training delivery--the what and the why we do what we do in our workshops. Thiagi and Matt provide you with tons of tools, techniques, and references for making your overall training better.

Diovided into five separate, 2.5 hour sessions, each module covers two specific aspects of training. Whether it is how to make everything interactive, or how to debrief more effectively, or how to evaluate training outcomes, this series has it all!

The program is also highly flexible. You can take just one of the modules, two of them, three of them, four, or all five. The choice is all yours. Each session is independent, yet still connects seamlessly to the others. We deliver the series using Zoom webinar platform, so you can take the courses from the comfort of your own home. Highly interactive--not your grandfather’s webinar--you will experience the same level of interactivity and engagement you always do in our programs.

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