Thiagi's Tweets: Handling the Impostor Syndrome

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Here’s a list of recent tweets about handling the impostor syndrome that were frequently retweeted:

The Impostor syndrome is a persistent belief among some people that they lack competence don’t deserve the recognition they have received.

Newton stood on the shoulders of earlier scientists. You are not an imposter if you build on the work of other people.

When somebody praises you, it is not because you are likeable. It is because you deserve it.

Make a list of your accomplishments, success stories, and positive feedback. Review this list whenever you feel like a fraud.

Be confident about your competence. You are not omniscient or omnipotent but you know a lot and you can do a lot.

Don’t feel like a fraud because others are more talented. Don’t feel superior because you are more talented. Avoid all comparisons.

Remember, most of your cohorts, colleagues, and superiors suffer from the same impostor syndrome as you do.