Quick Change - The 5 Second Rule

How can we overcome the inertia of procrastination, fear, uncertainty, and low confidence?  In her new book, Mel Robbins says it‘s a matter of finding our courage.  Learn more about her simple technique and the role of inner resources in this issue of the Firefly News Flash beginning with a 99-Word Story on a high ropes course and ending with a 2 minute video that demonstrates the power of one.

Power Tip:  Struggling with a difficult issue?  Commit to making the first step and the next steps will follow.

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In this Issue – 

  • 99-Word Story:  Insecurity – Courage comes from within
  • Discovery:  The 5 Second Rule – Countdown and get into action
  • Ideas:  A 5 Second Hammer – Don’t forget other ways to find courage
  • Activity:  The Power of One – A surprising phenomena to demonstrate the 5 Second Rule