Video Game Design

So you want to be a video game designer?

The bad news: It is a very competitive field and you need to invest a lot of time.

The good news: You can get a headstart by visiting this practical and engaging website: Gamedesigning.

At this website, read the step-by-step guide to becoming a successful professional game designer.

Also, click on the “Articles” tab to read a collection of practical pieces. I spent the last hour reading and enjoying these random articles (instead of tackling the tasks in today’s to-do list):

  • How To Use Twine To Develop Your game
  • Game Design and Player Feedback
  • Top 5 Game Design Twitch Channels
  • The Ultimate Guide to Level Design
  • 10 Trends in Game Design

The web site claims that its purpose is to help aspiring game designers of all levels to find the best (and quickest) path to becoming a professional video game designer. Whether you are fresh out of high school, or a 40-year old looking for a career change, we want to help you. We promise to deliver relevant, accurate, and most importantly, helpful information to guide you to your designing career.

Unfortunately, I am outside the age-range they specify. But this web site still works for me. They do keep their promise.

Now I am going back to check out some more articles.