Mind Control by Brian Remer

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Congratulations to our Contributing Editor Brian Remer: Brian was recently offered a position with the Vermont Department of HR. And he accepted it. Brian will be the lead Training and Engagement Specialist and head up a group of five trainers.  His position will involve acting as a mentor to the trainers, designing and delivering workshops, and facilitating meetings within and between various state agencies.

Is mind control on the horizon of humankind?  Not for a long time but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the influence you do have to change the thinking and behavior of others.  This month we feature a description of The Influential Mind by Tali Sharot.  Learn about the brain links that cause people to change their mind in the December issue of the Firefly Newsflash.

Power Tip

Beware the influence of confirmation bias on your own ability to make sound decisions.

In this Issue

99-Word Story:  A Public Statement – Commitment in a message
Discovery:  Mind Control – A review of The Influential Mind
Ideas:  I Won’t Budge – The difficulty of changing minds
Activity:  Confirmation Bias Exposed – Learn to question your beliefs