Don't Kick 'Em Out: Hang onto Troublemakers

When someone misbehaves, the simplest solution is to banish them from the kingdom (or classroom, or workplace, or dinner table).  But that quick fix may do nothing to rectify the underlying issue that caused the troublesome action in the first place – especially if banishment was part of the cause.  Learn about the role of empathy in reducing the effects of mischief-makers in this issue of the Firefly News Flash.
Power Tip:  Use your emotional intelligence to connect with troublemakers and turn them into valued participants.
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In this Issue – 

99-Word Story:  Any Alternatives? Please start with the positives.
Discovery:  Don’t Kick ‘Em Out – Suspending students is harmful
Ideas:  More Empathy, Please – Emotional intelligence reveals more options
Activity:  iBingo – A new twist on a classic icebreaker