Thiagi's Tweets: Storytelling Techniques

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Here’s a list of recent tweets about storytelling techniques that were frequently retweeted:

  1. Incorporate storytelling techniques in all your explanations and presentations. Present your examples in the form of stories.
  2. No single story tells the whole story. Prevent listeners from overgeneralizing by warning them the story presents only partial truth.
  3. Rehearse repeatedly until you have the story under cruise control. Don’t read the story. Don’t refer to notes. Don’t use PowerPoint slides.
  4. Don’t meander to a whimpering end. End your story with a clear and strong conclusion.
  5. Make your story intellectually interactive. Don’t give all the details. Let the listeners guess, infer, extrapolate, and anticipate.
  6. Even if your story is not a joke, it must have a punch line. Every element of the story should lead to this punch line.
  7. Convert the takeaway message of your story to a crisp, memorable slogan. After ending the story, share this tagline.