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Our heartfelt thanks to these readers who sent their valuable donations for the GameBlog;


Toshiko Kikkawa (吉川肇子)


Anders Kinding, Bonnie Reiner, Frank Morris, Lawrence Lipman,  Lisa Sieverts, Marianne Smith, Mary Bolton, Michael Sherry, Paul Stuart, Patricia Schulz, Philippe Petit, Robert Schroyer, Scott Crabtree, Shubho Kundu


A. H. Pijl, Anders Kinding, Bevery Doern, Bob Wiele, Bonnie Reine, Brad Robertson, Debra Kidney, Diane Dauble, Donna Dennis, Elizabeth Wooley, Gary Harper (twice!), James Hudock, Jena Perkins, Kathleen Klein, Laurie Flasko, Kevin Peters Unrau, Margaret Wolff, Mary Bolton, Michael Saletta, Monique Tritten, Nick Rothenberg, Patricia Schulz, Paul Safyan, Paul Stuart, Philippe Petit, Ros Byrne, Royleen White, Sandra Summerhayes, Stephen Abell, Tina Joseph, Tomokatsu Saguchi, and Ulrike Tack.

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