Thiagi's Tweets: Rapid Instructional Design

Every day, Thiagi tweets ready-to-use pieces of practical advice on different topics such as facilitation, listening skills, communication, leadership, facilitation, and management.

Here are some recent pieces of advice about rapid instructional design techniques that were re-tweeted frequently:

  • Invite the participants to achieve real-world results such as getting an article published, a proposal accepted, or a product sold.
  • Training does not flourish under solitary confinement. Require and reward collaborative learning.
  • Transform trainers from content presenters to activity facilitators.
  • Design follow-up activities: guided practice, coaching support, debriefing discussions, and communities of practice.
  • Don’t present any content that is not immediately used in a training activity. Don’t conduct any activity that does not use the content.
  • Learning styles could be all baloney but giving the participants choices increases their motivational level.
  • Design activities, not content. Create activities that incorporate existing content materials.