All About Change

by Brian Remer

How do you and your team think about change? Does it happen too fast or take too long? Learn some new ways to consider organizational changes by reading the September issue of the Firefly News Flash.

Here’s what this issue provides you:

99-Word Story: Creating Change. Don’t wait for the final result. Just do something to create a movement toward the goal.

Discovery: Got a Femtosecond? It is 0.0000000000000001 second. Learn about different fractions of a second—micro, nano, pico, femto, and attosecond.

Ideas: How Do You think About Change? Sometimes change happens slowly, other times quickly. But in all cases, it’s a process.

Activity: The Face of Change. Conduct this improv activity in which two people take turns to draw a face. Debrief the activity to learn about change and the challenges it presents.

Read the September 2015 issue.