Pieces of Advice

Every day, Thiagi tweets ready-to-use pieces of practical advice on performance-improvement topics such as coaching, creativity, customer service, feedback, leadership, listening skills and management.

Here are some recent pieces of advice on storytelling that were re-tweeted frequently:

  • Don’t count the number of stories you can tell. Even if you tell only one story, make it count.
  • Personalize your story. But don’t make yourself the super hero. People love self-derogatory tales featuring your silly mistakes.
  • Practice storytelling by telling stories. Tell them out aloud. Change your intonation and volume. Record, listen back, and make changes.
  • Convert the takeaway message of your story to a crisp, memorable slogan. After ending the story, share this tagline.
  • Slow down your narration. Build in pauses to permit the listeners to feel, laugh, cry, anticipate, and reflect.
  • Ask yourself, “Do I need a story?”. If yes, ask, “Is this the best story?”. If yes, ask “How can I remove irrelevant elements from the story?”
  • Make your story intellectually interactive. Don’t give all the details. Let the listeners guess, infer, extrapolate, and anticipate.

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