Survey Results: Newsletter or Blog?

(Survey Results)

In the December 2014 issue of TGL we asked our readers to help us decide whether we should transform the newsletter into a blog.

As of December 28, 2014, 73 readers responded.

32 of them (44%) said we should change to a blog.

41 of them (56%) said we should stick with the newsletter format.

Open Question

As a follow up to the poll, we asked our readers to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of converting the newsletter to a blog.

Twenty readers responded to this question. Here are some of the responses:

  • Assumptions: 1) The blog would be one that people would subscribe to email alerts that included a link so folks would automatically be able to view posts. 2) Blog posts would be limited to three or fewer topics per post.
    Advantages: People might be more likely to read shorter posts more quickly with less materiel to review each time. Could be easier to do the blog because less need to collect larger quantities of materials for once a month. Could provide a forum for increased interactivity with readership.
    Disadvantages: Blogs tend to be posted more frequently than current once a month newsletter and, coupled with increased interactivity, could mean many more emails to deal with rather than a once a month.

    Reading articles as they are published (rather than waiting for a month for all of them).
    A true discussion forum for each article (again, rather than for the whole newsletter).

  • If you are unable to frequently review the blog, it can be difficult to find past information or pick up a topic midstream.
  • It might be nice to receive your tips once a week or so, rather than once a month. If it doesn't work out, you can always go back to the way it was.
  • Pros: Newsletter subscriber comments & interaction, feedback and questions from using the jolts, activities, etc.
    Con: Newsletter subscriber comments & interaction, feedback and questions from using the jolts, activities, etc.
    I jest (mostly). Two way dialogue is a richer experience for everyone. I believe it's going to be tougher on your team but if you're willing to try it, I'd love to read it!!!
  • Why not both? I like receiving the email - it's a good reminder. Then, it links back to the blog. Not that different than what you do now, it seems to me.
  • Pros: easier to search, categorize, etc. Enriched by comments. Cons: Pull vs. push participation. Reduced, closed, like-minded audience.
  • Advantages are the blogs are very popular. Disadvantages are that because blogs are popular, Thiagi might get lost in the mix or that without a newsletter receipt it might get ignored. To overcome the disadvantages you may want to consider a gradual transition from newsletter to blog and then continue to send notifications that there is a new blog posting. Shy of a blog I would highly recommend revamping the newsletter into something more visually appealing and/or engaging. It's very monochromatic and plain currently.
  • We can share the info more easily on social media platforms. More ++ visibility for you. More visibility for you on WordPress. We can comment, react and share again with others. Up to date approach.

Thanks to everyone who responded.