Ludopedagogy with Thiagi

A Trilingual Series of Workshops in Belgium
November 12 to 16, 2019
Espace Jacqumotte, Brussels

We are happy to announce a series of workshops November 12 to 16, 2

Interactive techniques applied to adult learning have been used in training workshops, classrooms, and many other contexts for decades now. Thiagi is one of the founding thought leaders who paved the way for their effective usage. Having delivered programs to businesses and non-profits in over 25 countries over the last 40 years, Thiagi has mastered the art of training the trainer. The following workshops are your opportunity to develop your own mastery of his radical and proven techniques. Join us for one, two, or all of the following programs.

They will be conducted in English and simultaneously translated into both French and Dutch.

Workshop 1: Basic Concepts of Ludopedagogy (November 12, 2019)

This 1-day workshop is designed to introduce the use of games by teachers, and more generally anyone who wants to discover the basic concepts of ludopedagogy.. It will be facilitated by Thiagi, Nathalie Jacquemin and Gauthier de Pierpont. The workshop will use different types of interactive techniques to explore the use of training games in education.

Workshop 2: Improving the Effectiveness of Adult Training (November 13th to 15th, 2019)

This 3-day workshop practices what it preaches. It helps one design and conduct 24 different types of effective training games, simulations, and activities. Based on 30 years of field research, these proven design formats enable learners to create training faster, cheaper, and better. Participants will receive a hefty collection of training games during the workshop and have access to 2000+ web pages with additional games, activities, and facilitation tips.

Workshop 3: Advanced Interactive Training Techniques (November 16, 2019)

This 1-day session is designed for participants who have taken earlier workshops conducted by Thiagi, The Thiagi Group, or Nathalie Jacquemin, It is particularly useful for participants already with experience designing and facilitating training games and activities. The workshop is divided into three parts: New games and activities, Advanced training topics. Facilitation and feedback of games designed by the participants.

The Thiagi Group has conducted training workshops for several years in both Belgium and France. Most recently, Thiagi has collaborated with Mieux Apprendre and Bruno Hourst delivering programs in Paris and Brussels. Both Nathalie and Gautier have been certified as trainers in the Thiagi methodology, conducting programs of their own, as well.