Linking In with Matt

Matthew Richter posts daily comments in LinkedIn—well almost daily. You can follow him and join the conversation by going to For the benefit of our readers, we decide to compile and reprint some of his provocative pieces from the past. Let us know what you think.

How To Control a Classroom

Lots of times, we see trainers and facilitators create rules similar to what may be present in grade schools. No phones. No computers. I get that. Makes sense and can be quite distracting to others. However, I find if the training is relevant to participants, feels of value to them, and engages them through activity, these logistic constraints aren't necessary. In other words, the best way to control a classroom is to be interesting.

The Value Chain

A good training program has a clear connection to skill development. And, that skill, once developed has a direct impact on either solving a business problem or enhancing the business in some other way. If the designer and trainer can't explain those two things, then why bother with the program. Politics? Legal compliance? Checking a box? Maybe... but those reasons have nothing to do with development.