Fun Is Where You Find It

by Brian Remer

Just to get through the complexities and complications of the day can be an effort.  Sometimes it’s enough to hope for a chance to take it easy before the day closes.  But why wait until the end of the day for a little fun?  What if we found enjoyment at unexpected times throughout the day?   Explore some ways to do exactly that – and discover the positive benefits for learning, motivation, teambuilding, and more in the June 2018 issue of the Firefly News Flash

Power Tip:  Accomplish a vexing task?  Give yourself 10 points and notice the change in your attitude.

In this Issue – 

  • 99-Word Story:  Stewing and Grumbling – Make any day fun
  • Discoveries:  Ten Points for the Planet – Fun with big goals
  • Ideas:  Take a Playful Approach – Fun and positive outcomes
  • Activity:  Ten Points for Gryffindor – The fun of arbitrary scoring