Thiagi's Tweets: Improving Human Performance

Every day, Thiagi tweets ready-to-use pieces of practical advice on different topics such as facilitation, listening skills, communication, leadership, productivity, training, and management.

Here’s a list of recent tweets about improving human performance that were frequently retweeted:

  • Conduct a diversity audit to determine how employees differ in gender, age, nationality, culture, language, personality, and other factors.
  • Conduct a communication analysis to review the clarity of job specifications, expectations, policies, procedures, and marketing materials.
  • Conduct an organizational analysis to audit the climate, standard practices, interpersonal relationships, and cultural norms.
  • Replace training with the use of job aids and performance support. These interventions could be more cost-effective.
  • Different interventions use different design procedures. But some universal design principles apply to all interventions.
  • Problems caused by suspicion, fear, betrayal, excessive caution, duplication, and micromanagement? Use trust building interventions.
  • Avoid arrogance. Understand the client’s perspective. Listen mindfully to the client’s analysis of the performance problem.