Do You Jolt?

Our special for the month of September gives you everything you need to pump up the energy and effectiveness of your training programs.  This triple pack of Jolts includes a total of 130 engaging learning activities. 

What are jolts?

Jolts are experiential activities that lull participants into behaving in a comfortable way and then suddenly deliver a powerful wake-up call. They are brief, engaging, and easily adaptable to your purpose. Jolts force participants to re-examine their assumptions and habitual behaviors. A typical jolt lasts for less than five minutes but provides enough insights for a lengthy debriefing.

What's in these books?

In Jolts!, renowned game experts Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan and Tracy Tagliati hand trainers well-designed games to engage and energize participants, clarify complex ideas, and solidify concepts in participants' minds. The games and activities in Jolts! are interactive and emotionally charged—carefully chosen for their ability to make participants think, and think differently. When you really need to give your participants a powerful wake-up call, startle them into re-examining their assumptions and habitual practices, or encourage self-reflection, problem solving, and fresh perspectives—zap them with Jolts!

In More Jolts!, the authors share a collection of 50 ready-to-use jolts that provide new ways to capture participants' attention; smooth transitions; keep participants alert even after a break; tap the wisdom of the group; and spice up lectures with relevant activities. The book even identifies jolts that can be seamlessly incorporated into your next e-learning project or interactive webinar.

In Jolts 3! you will find 30 more ready-to-use activities that provide ways to explore topics such as avoiding obsession; reducing impulsivity; mindfulness; avoiding multitasking; optimism bias; productivity; risk reduction; self-imposed restrictions; trust; unlearning; walking the talk; and more.

Buy Now and Save …

You can purchase these three books separately for $136.00 (plus shipping), or you can buy this set for a limited time at the special price of $86 (plus shipping) and save $50!

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