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A Double Pack at a Discount

This month we have combined two of our recent book, Interactive Lecture Is Not an Oxymoron and Interactive Storytelling into a single package. We sell this package at a 33 percent discount.

Increase the engagement and effectiveness of your training by using 50 tested interactive techniques from these books.

20 Powerful Interactive Lecture Templates

Thiagi has blended the effective elements of the lecture method (efficiency, control, and accuracy) with the motivational aspects of games (playfulness, activity, and competition) to create interactive lectures. This training format facilitates two-way communication. Interactive lectures incorporate engaging game elements, yet they give complete control to the instructor. Because they are flexible, you can easily shift from a regular lecture to the interactive variety. If you are a subject-matter expert, you can easily transform your traditional lecture into a lecture game.

Thiagi’s new book contains 20 ready-to-use interactive lectures representing a variety of effective types.

Interactive Lecture Is not an Oxymoron presents step-by-step instructions for conducting these 20 activities. The activities are templates that can be reused to designs hundreds of your own interactive lectures to present your content to your learners.

30 Effective Interactive Storytelling Templates

Storytelling is a powerful tool for trainers. However, traditional storytelling encourages the participants to become passive listeners. In contrast, interactive storytelling encourages them to interact with the stories and with each other. Different types of interactive storytelling techniques invite the participants to create their own stories and share them with each other. Even when the stories come from the facilitator, the participants modify the stories, change the beginning or the ending, change the characters or the setting, expand or shrink the stories, make decisions at critical junctures, analyze the stories, and roleplay them. The result: More engagement during the session and more learning after the session.

Interactive Storytelling presents step-by-step instructions for conducting 30 activities. The activities are templates that can be reused to designs hundreds of your own storytelling exercises to present your content to your learners.

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You can purchase each of the two books at $30.00 (plus shipping). You can order the combined double set from our secure online store at $40 (plus shipping). You save $20. Order now at our online store.