Double Check

Here is another game with flash cards.

Usually, flash cards have a question on one side and the answer on the other side. For example, a packet of flash cards may display the names of different elements (example: Potassium) on one side and the symbols (example: K) on the other side.

People usually sit in a corner, repeatedly go through a packet of flash cards, and memorize the answers. When I use this approach, I get bored and begin cheating. Here’s an alternative approach that involves independent study of flash cards and quizzing by a partner.


Ask the participants to pair up, share a packet of flash cards, and study the cards in the half-packet. After 5 minutes, exchange the half-packets and quiz each other. Study the other half-packet and repeat the procedure.


To fluently respond to flash card questions.


Minimum: 2

Maximum: any number, divided into pairs

Best: 10 to 30


10 to 20 minutes


Flash cards. 20 to 50 cards with questions (stimuli) on one side and answers (responses) on the back.


Find a partner. Pair up with another participant. Get a single packet of flash cards for use by both of you.

Divide the packet of flashcards. Take half of the flash cards and give the other half to your partner.

Study the flash cards independently. Find a quiet place and memorize the answers to the flash card questions in your half-packet. Do this for 5 minutes.

Work with you partner. After 5 minutes, join your partner. Exchange the flash card packets. Give your half-packet of the flashcards to your partner and get his or her half-packet.

Quiz each other. Take turns showing the questions on the flash cards that you currently have, one at a time. Ask the partner to give the answer. If the answer is correct, place the flash card in a Correct pile. If incorrect, place the card in an Incorrect pile.

Conclude the quiz. After showing all the flashcards in your half-packet, count the cards in the Correct pile and announce the total. This is your partner’s score. Your partner will give your score.

Collect the half-packet. Take all the cards in the Correct and Incorrect piles. These are the flash cards that your partner studied earlier. You will study these cards for the next round of the activity, and your partner will study the cards you studied earlier.

Repeat the process. Take the half-packet of cards to some quiet corner and study them. After 5 minutes, reconnect with your partner and repeat the quiz activity. Continue by repeatedly studying and quizzing the two different half packets.