EMO Card Games

A New Type of Card Games on Emotional Intelligence

Being able to name and analyze different emotions is the first step in recognizing and managing them. To help you become fluent with different emotions, we have designed, play-tested, and published a new type of card games.

The Cards

The Emo Cards Deck contains 52 cards, each with four different emotion words.

Here’s a sample emo card:



The card has four stripes and each stripe contains an emotion word with an identification number in front of it. The numbers and the colors of the stripes have no special significance. Four emotion words are randomly printed on each card. There is no special connection among these words.

The Games

This deck of cards is designed for exploring feelings and emotions. You can use the deck to create your own party games, training games, and team building activities. You can play the games with your students, colleagues, friends, and family members.

A booklet of emo card games contains detailed instructions for playing eight of our favorite games. These games come in two varieties:

1. Debriefing Games. You conduct a debriefing game to follow up a training activity (such as a simulation game, a role play, or field trip) or a real-life event (such as a death in the family, marriage, or job promotion) to encourage the participants to reflect on their experiences and share it with each other.

2. EQ Games. You conduct an EQ game to help the participants to increase their awareness of their personal feelings and the feelings of the people around them. The resulting improved awareness is the first step in managing emotions in an intelligence fashion.

For Sale at a Discount

We will be selling the Emo Card Decks (along with the game manual) for $49.95 plus shipping.

As an introductory offer, we will sell the cards and the booklet at a discounted price of $29.95 plus shipping. This offer is valid only during the month of June.

You can order the game from our secure online store at http://www.thiagi.biz/category_s/1833.htm