Thiagi's Tweets: Facilitation Techniques

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Here’s a list of tweets about facilitation techniques that were frequently retweeted:



  1. Participating a facilitated session is a strange new experience. Use suitable activities to prevent participants from passive listening.
  2. Arrange the seats so the participants can see you, the screen, the flipchart, and each other.
  3. Facilitation is not a one-off event. Plan, discuss, and contract before the event. Follow-up after the event.
  4. Encourage the participants to stand up, stretch, walk around, and take breaks any time they want to.
  5. Be ready with a specific agenda. However, begin the session by asking the participants to discuss and to modify it.
  6. If things get tense during a facilitated session, declare a time-out. Ask the participants to silently reflect on what is going wrong.
  7. To prevent aggressive participants from dominating the discussion, give everyone three tokens, each worth 2 minutes of talking time.