The Circle-to-Square Continuum

You might think of a circle and a square as being mutually exclusive opposites.  Yet a particularly clever three dimensional illusion demonstrates that they are not necessarily dissimilar.  By exploring this illusion, you’ll discover many analogies to communication, collaboration, inclusion, and expressing your point of view that are relevant for organizational culture and team effectiveness.  Learn more in this issue of the Firefly News Flash.
Power Tip:  Learning to see the opposite point of view opens an enormous spectrum of equally valid choices.
Read the September 2016 issue of the Firefly News Flash:

In this Issue –

  • 99-Word Story:  How Big is Home?  Distance diminishes differences
  • Discovery:  Is it a Square or a Circle?  Could it be both?
  • Ideas:  A Circular Square Dance – Choreography for conversation
  • Activity:  Create a Teachable Moment – Use the circle-to-square continuum for learning