A New Book by Thiagi

LOLA: Live Online Learning Activities

How To INCREASE and IMPROVE Interactivity in Virtual Classrooms.

If you are a trainer, you are probably delivering some of your training in webinars. If you are not doing this right now, believe me, you are going to be doing this in the near future.

The enormous savings in travel and hotel costs make a strong business case for training webinars. So do the decrease in the price and the increase in the usability of hardware and software.

If you are like most trainers, you dislike training webinars because of the lack of immediate feedback. Also because of the inability to conduct experiential activities.

Thiagi loves conducting training webinars.

In this book, he explores 10 types of interactive approaches that engage the participants in processing, recalling, analyzing, and applying the training content. These approaches include structured sharing, interactive lecture, textra games, interactive storytelling, thought experiment, magic (really!), puzzles, tests, graphics, and closers. These techniques can be applied to the entire course, a session, or parts of a session.

The book presents step-by-step instructions for 40 specific training activities. The activities are frames or templates that can be reused to designs hundreds of your own activities to present your content to your learners.

Thiagi knows what he is talking about. After all, he has a Ph. D. in instructional technology (even though he does sound like one). Ever since the early days of video conferencing and webinars, Thiagi has been delivering interactive training. He has tested his techniques with participants from around the world on technical and soft-skill topics. He has used these techniques with with groups of different sizes and types. He has taught interactive webinar principles and procedures to hundreds of trainers around the world.

Thiagi’s 292-page LOLA is ready for shipment. The regular price of this book is $45 (plus shipping). As a reader of Thiagi GameBlog, you can purchase it at a discounted price of $30 (plus shipping). This special offer is valid only during the month of September 2016. So order now!