Thiagi's Tweets: Presentation Skills

Every day, Thiagi tweets ready-to-use pieces of practical advice on different topics such as facilitation, listening skills, communication, leadership, productivity, training, and management.

Here’s a list of tweets about presentation techniques that were frequently retweeted:

  1. During a presentation, use images. Replace the text in your slides with pictures and photographs.
  2. Sequence your content. Select a logical way to organize your presentation. Provide a roadmap to this structure.
  3. Select a room of a suitable size. A small room with too many participants is better than a large room with too many empty seats.
  4. Focus on the primary purpose. Decide if you want to inform, instruct, involve, or influence your audience.
  5. Exaggerate your gestures and facial expression. Be more expressive than you would during a normal conversation.
  6. Don’t read when you are making a presentation. Don’t read the text from a handout or the text displayed on the screen.
  7. During your presentations, don’t just tell stories. Act them out. Take on the roles of different characters in your stories.