The Leadership Story: A New Model for Leadership

We are excited to introduce a new book about leadership.

The Leadership Story is a short book that explores how context, perspective, anddistance of time affect how we recognize leadership in others. In the first of several short volumes, leadership is viewed more as a narrative constructed by others than the application of skills, abilities, and traits originating from the leader. The real difference is in the stories told about that leader and how those stories become ingrained in the culture—whether that culture is within a small company, a large country, or the entire universe. The book looks at how context, perspective, and time become the narrative components that enable leadership stories to be told, adapted, and perpetuated throughout a culture. If story is meaning, and leadership is a story we tell, then how we understand those stories and how we convey those stories becomes so much more important than the knowledge, skill, and ability leaders have. Examples in the book include the story of John Tyler and how he became the first US Vice President to elevate to the Presidency, how Jimmy Carter reshaped how the role of the Vice President was perceived, and how William McKinley tried to avoid the Spanish-American War. The book also asks whether Neville Chamberlain was really was an appeaser. Did Gerald Ford do the right thing pardoning Richard Nixon? And, more. 

There are three ways to order the book. You can buy it as a downloadable ePub, a Kindle book, or a paperback. Both digital versions are $9.99 US and are available now. The paperback is $20 and will begin shipping January 1. If you pre-purchase the paperback, you can get it on sale for just $17.50.