Playful Philosophy

Earlier in this issue, we explored a face-to-face version of the Personal Meaning  activity that involves reflecting on a pithy saying and sharing your insights with others. Here’s an online version of this activity.

Here’s a pithy saying to stimulate your reflection:

Take serious things playfully and playful things seriously.

What does this statement mean to you?


Here are the instructions for the online version of Personal Meaning:

1. Reflect silently. Figure out what the statement personally means to you. Remember, there are no incorrect interpretations. Think of the statement as a koan or a Rorschach inkblot. Let your mind wander around the significance of this statement.

2. Let these questions guide your reflection. Use them as probes to continue thinking:

  • How would you explain this statement in your own words?
  • What guidance does this statement provide to you?
  • What personal experiences do you have that are related to this statement?
  • How would you convert this statement into a piece of personal advice?
  • How would you transform this statement into a memorable slogan?
  • How would you explain this statement to a 7-year old?
  • How would you apply this statement to your personal life?
  • How would you apply this statement to your workplace?
  • What could be the negative consequences of taking this statement too seriously

3. Type your thoughts and insights in the Comments section below. Relate each comment to a single insight. Type more than one comment if you feel like it.

4. Read other people’s comments. See if they confirm you insights or provide a different perspective.

5. Revisit the Comments section frequently. Check out the latest insights from others. Add your own additional insights.