Thiagi's Tweets: Teamwork Techniques

Every day, Thiagi tweets ready-to-use pieces of practical advice on different topics such as facilitation, listening skills, communication, leadership, and management.

Here are some recent pieces of advice about teamwork techniques that were re-tweeted frequently:

  • If all team members have the same values, assumptions, perceptions, and background, the team will not come up with breakthrough ideas.
  • Every team should have some of its members focusing on the team’s vision and goals.
  • Don’t overload people with teamwork responsibilities. Remember that team members have other job responsibilities also.
  • In a virtual team, share all documents in a timely fashion. Encourage participants to communicate frequently. Share a common database.
  • When you add a new member to the team, assign a buddy from among the current members to bring him or her up to speed.
  • Be playful. Don’t take your teamwork too seriously. Take time out to have fun. Have a picnic with your teammates.
  • Provide copies of the team’s mission statement, goals, deliverables, and ground rules to all new members who join your team.