Active Reviewing: An Online Course for Trainers and Facilitators

I consider Roger Greenaway to be one of the thought leaders in our field of experiential learning. He specializes in debriefing techniques (which he calls Active Reviewing).

Roger and two of his colleagues (who are experienced trainers and facilitators) have created an e-learning course on active reviewing. The heart of the course is the time-tested Active Reviewing Toolkit. It is supported by a series of short video presentations and interactive quizzes.

If you are a trainer or a facilitator, I definitely recommend this e-learning course. As Roger says,

It is so much easier to say, "I teach students" than it is to say "I help students learn from their experiences by providing reflective tools and facilitating the learning process." A long sentence, but much more meaningful. And this course will help you understand and act on it.

You can enroll in the course for $297 and it definitely a worthwhile investment in your professional development.

This link ( gives you an overview of the content and structure of the course. It also provides instant access to the introductory video and to three of the active reviewing methods. You should be able to make an informed decision after watching these videos.