Car Talk by Mark Isabella

An Activity from Mark

Mark Isabella, creator of  Engagement Emergency  card deck

Mark Isabella, creator of Engagement Emergency card deck

Mark Isabella has created a card deck called Engagement Emergency that contains 54 activities for instant interaction. The activities take 2-10 minutes to run and require little setup or preparation. These a la carte activities come in a variety formats including action planning, feedback, group formation, openers, pair work, and reflection. If you are in the midst of rapid instructional design and need an opener, you can consult the deck and find one quickly. If you are in the middle of a presentation and need a shot of engagement and interaction, you can thumb through the deck right before you begin your session or during a break.

Car Talk

Reflection / Action Plan

Ask participants to take a minute to analyze the past difficulties they’ve experienced in the area of content on which you’re training.  Is it because of:

  • Lack of fuel? (Insufficient motivation to improve);
  • Faulty brakes? (Unhelpful behaviors they keep doing); or
  • Lack of GPS? (An absence of direction or feedback)

Suggest the following solutions for each cause. Lack of fuel: Have participants identify the benefits of improvement and the negative consequences associated with a lack of change.  Faulty brakes: Have participants devise a reminder system and identify someone who can help them monitor their behavior. Lack of GPS: Have participants identify a trusted person who can provide direction and feedback.

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