Singapore Workshop Report

Liza organized this group photo at the end of the workshop.

Liza organized this group photo at the end of the workshop.

I conducted a 3-day public workshop in Singapore on January 8 through 10. It was organized by my colleague Stanis Benjamin of the Centre for Communication and Sales Training.

I had a great time at the workshop. The weather was perfect. The location was ideal: 3 minutes from Nalan, my favorite South Indian restaurant and 4 minutes from the Funan DigitalLife Mall with all the latest gadgets. And the participants were enthusiastically participatory.

Here's what Kai Lin Teo, a newcomer to interactive training, has to say about her experience at the workshop:

It was a very different kind of workshop from what I have attended so far. A lot of AHA moments. The activities may seem simple and easy, but I gained insights to the many different lessons behind these activities. The creative games can be tweaked slightly and used to suit different topics.

Anita Shankar, a psychologist who is planning to become a parenting coach, says this about the workshop:

The three day interactive facilitation workshop in Singapore was an incredible experience for me. I was blown away by Dr. Thiagi's dynamic facilitation. My biggest takeaway was the power of activity based learning, its implementation, and effectiveness. Thank you Dr. Thiagi.

Here are the comments from Liza Chang who persuaded three of her colleagues to attend the workshop with her:

My playful response would be, "The workshop got me up on my feet, it was an eye-opener, gave me a 360 perspective, and a definite heart-thumping experience ; )"

On a more reflective note, the workshop invited me to review how I design my training courses for impactful learning. That would mean that the learners are actively and meaningfully engaged during the course, there is greater learning retention after the training, and the business and learning objectives are achieved.

Here's the reaction from Khyati Kapai who conducts corporate training in Singapore and Hong Kong:

This is the fourth Thiagi workshop I've attended.  It's an essential experience for trainers both new and seasoned to gain creative professional insights.  In addition, by engaging in the activities as participants, a mirror is held up to the way we behave, respond, and interact with others.

The Singapore workshop has become a frequent pilgrimage for me. I am looking forward to my next trip.