1. Customized. Before the workshop, we talk to the sponsor and the participants to make sure that the workshop suit the specific training needs and preferences of the participants. During the workshop, we continuously collect data from participants to fine-tune the design and delivery of training.
  2.  Active. Our workshops are hands-on, activities-based events. The core of the workshop is a series of relevant, authentic, and engaging training activities, games, and simulations.
  3. Accelerated. We keep the participants totally absorbed with a unique blend of expert presentations, reflective discussions, and creative activities.
  4. Functional. We walk the talk. We use the techniques that we teach. Just by watching us in action, the participants pick up several effective techniques.
  5. Authoritative. We know what we are talking about. Our workshops are based on sound theory, evidence-based principles, and solid experience.
  6. Practical. We have spent decades in organizational firing lines. We empower the participants with realistic tools and techniques for immediate use in today's workplace.
  7. Engaging. Our contagious enthusiasm, inclusive humor, and irreverent flexibility make the participants enjoy every moment of the workshop.

Below are some of our most popular off-the-shelf programs--

all of which can be further customized and fit to meet your organization's needs.

Many of our clients hire us to design proprietary programs with specific, unique business outcomes. Our concurrent, scalable design process enables us to deliver a program faster than our competition, cheaper than our competition, and in our clients’ humble opinions, better than our competition.

Many of our clients request specific topics, as well. Our approach will still drive the design toward a specific business outcome, but we have years of experience, tools, and job aids on the following:

Strategic Decision Making

Performance Needs Analysis
Rapid Instructional Design

Critical Thinking
General Management
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving

Conflict Management
Team Building
Facilitation Skills
DECIDE: A Business Simulation

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