Instructional Design

We do It faster, cheaper and better!

Our instructional design approach is unique. Here are eight reasons why:

  1. Business results. Our training materials and methods produce measurable business results and personal growth. In our approach, planning for return on investment is not the last activity; it is the first one.
  2. Empowering. We leave our clients alone as rapidly as possible. We are transparent in everything we do and transfer all our skills and knowledge to the clients so they don’t need us any longer.
  3. Efficient. We do not waste our time on the low value added steps of the traditional instructional design model. Our rapid design approach combines best practices from cognitive sciences, creativity, agile technology, and improv theater.
  4. Authoritative. Thiagi (Sivasailam Thiagarajan, Ph. D.) is a renowned authority in the field of instructional and performance technology. Twice, 25 years apart, he had been elected the president of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). He has also served as five-time president of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA).
  5. Evidence-based. Both our CEO and our president have spent several years conducting graduate-level research work on the impact of cognitive science and intrinsic motivation on instructional design.
  6. Field tested. Our instructional design templates and techniques have been successfully used for the past three decades in all types of training projects all around the world.
  7. Interactive. We literally wrote the book on interactive training. To be exact, we wrote eight books on interactive instructional design for face-to-face and virtual classroom. (We are working on the ninth book.)
  8. No bait and switch. Thiagi and Matt do their own analysis, design, evaluation, and revision. They do not outsource these activities to freelancers or graduate students.