We've Done It!


Happy New Year!

We’ve done it. We have totally revamped our newsletter. (But we still have a long way to go.)

Since January 2001, we wanted to improve the Thiagi GameLetter.

Recently, Matt became more ambitious and wanted to revamp our entire website to make it look more attractive and modern. Raja was obsessed with maintaining technological integrity of all our online ventures. I was worried about providing useful and innovative content. We had several discussions and arguments before coming up with a common vision. You can see the results.

We outsourced aspects of our new look and feel to Fix8 Media. We chose them mainly because the key people in this outfit used to live in Bloomington, IN.

Our special thanks are due to Sarah who did quite a bit of heavy lifting in the design and development of the new website—including this blog.

Thank you

Our extra special thanks are due to our loyal readers who gave us feedback, sent us suggestions, and responded to our surveys.

Here are the advantages they mentioned about transforming the newsletter into a blog: We can post (and you can read) throughout the month. You can comment about each post. We can embed audio and video. We can add more photos and graphics. We can link handouts as PDF files.

However, some of you were worried about missing some items because it is difficult to keep track of blog posts.

A Blended Approach

We plan to maintain the advantages of a monthly newsletter and an irregular blog.

We will maintain the mix of games, training activities, puzzles, articles, interviews, tips, surveys, podcasts, videos, and other useful stuff.

On the first day of each month, we will send you an announcement listing all the items that we have posted in the TGB since the previous announcement. This will nag you gently or invite you enticingly to catch up with the new stuff if you have not done so already.

Suggestions and Requests

Here are things that you, as our favorite reader, may want to do:

  • Check the GameBlog from time to time. We will keep adding items at irregular intervals.
  • Write notes in the comments section conveniently provided at the end of each item.
  • Participate in our surveys. Especially this month’s survey (presented later as this month's Online Survey).
  • Tell us how you have used the training activities, games, tips, articles, and other things.
  • Send us suggestions about what you would like to see in TGB in the future.