Game Design

Our training game design approach is unique.

Here are nine reasons why:

  1. Business results. Our training activities games, and simulations produce measurable business results and personal growth. In our approach, planning for return on investment is not the last activity; it is the first one.
  2. Empowering. We fully train our clients to flourish on their own. We transfer our skills and knowledge to the clients so they don’t need us any more.
  3. Eclectic. Our rapid design approach combines best practices from cognitive sciences, creativity, agile technology, and improv theater. We borrow and apply the best practices from a variety of fields.
  4. Authoritative. Thiagi (Sivasailam Thiagarajan, Ph. D.) is a renowned authority in the field of design and facilitation of training activities and games. He has served as five-time president of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA).
  5. Evidence-based. Both our CEO and our president have spent several years conducting graduate-level research work on the impact of cognitive science and intrinsic motivation on training games design.
  6. Versatile. We have significant experience and expertise in a variety of training activities: games, simulations, roleplays, the case method and interactive lectures.
  7. Original. We are the creators of several innovations in the field of training activities. Among our breakthrough ideas are the concept of framegames that provide template for the instant design of training activities and jolts that are simulation games lasting less than 5 minutes to provide rich insights on critical principles.
  8. Interactive. We literally wrote the book on interactive training. To be exact, we wrote eight books on interactive instructional design for face-to-face and virtual classroom. (We are working on the ninth book.)
  9. No bait and switch. Thiagi and Matt do their own analysis, design, evaluation, and revision. They do not outsource these activities to freelancers or graduate students.

Thiagi’s games provide powerful activities that are easily adapted to any learning environment.
— Dr. Darryl Sink, President, Darryl Sink & Associates
Thiagi’s games are always ingenious, easy to conduct, and open to several learning points.
— Mel Silberman, author of Active Training and 101 Ways to Make Training More Active
Thiagi is a master in creating accelerated learning with simulations and games.
— Boyd Watkins, President, Interel, Inc.
Quite simply, Thiagi is the most prolific and creative designer of games and simulations in the world.
— Glenn Parker, author of Cross-Functional Teams and Team Players and Teamwork
When I want to create a learning environment or produce a thoughtful discussion, I turn to Thiagi’s games.
— Steve Sugar, author of Games That Teach and Games That Teach Teams