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Faster, Cheaper, Better:
How to design performance-based training within tight budgets and hectic schedules

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An Innovative Alternative to Training Design

Details of the new training design model

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Strategies for speeding up the design process

Thiagi's expertise in training design

When the professor of the graduate course in Instructional Development asked him what he wanted to do for his semester assignment, Thiagi answered, "I'd like to redesign and repackage this course!" The professor was an open-minded sort so he humored the promising foreign student in his first semester in the U.S. The following semester, the professor used Thiagi's package as the basis for the course. Two semesters later, Thiagi renounced the model that he had been using in a much-cited article, "Help! I Am Trapped Inside an ID Model!"

Since his graduate school days, Thiagi has developed hundreds of training programs all around the world for a wide range of target populations using a wide range of technologies. For the past 10 years, Thiagi has defined, refined, and applied his CCCC model for design a variety of training for his corporate clients.

Matt's expertise in training design

Having learned from the best, Matt has been applying the CCCC model for several years, designing programming workshops for high-tech companies, product training for retail organizations, management training for financial institutions, operations training for the government, and communications training for manufacturing businesses.

Raja's Expertise In Training Design

Educated to be an astrophysicist and computer scientist, Raja is skeptical about all exaggerated claims for "scientific" training design approaches. In recent years, however, he has been applying the CCCC model to the design of eLearning programs in a faster, cheaper, and better fashion.

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