Interview with The Invisible Gorilla Co-Author, Christopher Chabris

In this special Thiagi Group interview, Matt Richter had the opportunity to meet with The Invisible Gorilla co-author, Christopher Chabris. Chris discussed the six different cognitive illusions we humans fall under while perceiving the world around us. He also provided several anecdotes and examples for each illusion. We highly recommend the book. You can find it, the original Invisible Gorilla video, several other videos illustrating the different illusions, and a whole lot more at: 

Also check out Chris' own site at

For more information about Chris' current research, check out this op-ed he and his colleagues wrote for the New York Times:

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

We recognize that some people may not have time to watch the entire video in one sitting, so we also broke it out into several excerpts. These excerpts taken collectively contain the entire interview above.

The Origin Story

The Six Illusions

Illusion of Attention

Illusion of Memory

Illusion of Confidence

Illusion of Knowledge

Illusion of Cause

Illusion of Potential

Chris' Closing Summary

Chris' New Research Initiative: Collective Intelligence

Chris Defines Critical Thinking