TOLA (Thiagi's Online Learning Academy)

We have launched an online learning academy called TOLA. This academy features blended eLearning courses on different topics designed and delivered by our colleagues who are experts in their fields.

Each course will be independent of the others and contain four webinars delivered weekly along with an associated eLearning materials and activities built on our proprietary 4Door™ eLearning approach.

If you sign up for a course and miss any of the webinars, don't worry. Each webinar session will be recorded and posted on our eLearning site. During the run of a program, participants will have access to the instructor. After the live run, participants will have perpetual access to the eLearning materials. And, the best part is new participants can sign up and take the course asynchronously after the webinar series has concluded. These participants will have access to the webinar videos, in addition to the eLearning component.

Ultimately, we plan to offer dozens of courses from experts from all around the world. Initially, we have started with these five. We will add more each quarter after that. Details for future programs will be posted soon.

Each course with its four webinars and eLearning component costs $299. However, we offer an early-bird price per workshop at just $249. If you are registering for more than four programs, please call us at 812-332-1478 and we will give you an even bigger discount. 

If you have any questions about TOLA, email Matt Richter at

Click here for details about each of the course offerings.


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