Thiagi's Interactive Lectures


Thiagi's Interactive Lectures


Thiagi's Interactive Lectures offers readers 27 well-tested interactive lecture activities capable of turning any stand-up presentation into true two-way communication.


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This book explains how to

  • effectively combine lectures and games in your training session
  • blend new techniques with your existing style to create successful programs
  • create engaging workshops that entice your learners and give them the tools they need to succeed.

From the inside front cover

The juxtaposition of the words "lecture" and "interactive" might at first appear an unlikely pairing, but Thiagi has manage to pull off an intellectual sleight of hand in Interactive Lectures so that the unusual word association makes perfect sense. While admitting that lectures are "probably the most ridiculed training technique," Thiagi provides a solid argument for taking a second look at the method. He offers the readers seven well-tested interactive lecture frameworks capable of turning any stand-up presentation into true two-way communication by incorporating highly motivating game elements and stimulating activities. The book offers specific guidance on how and when to use the games and activities provided in the book along with step-by-step instructions for their application and blending in the classroom. In addition, icons through the book refer the reader to a full set of handouts that are included in the appendix section of the book.

From the outside back cover

Here's what three best-selling authors have to say about Thiagi's new book:

If you ever thought a lecture could never lead to learning, then Interactive Lectures will open your eyes. With easy-to-follow steps, Thiagi helps you discover that there is life beyond the usual death by lecture. You'll use this guide again and again. I know I will. —Mel Silberman, author of 101 Ways to Make Training Active and editor of The ASTD Training and Performance Sourcebooks

Thiagi, the master of interactive teaching-learning has made magic… again! With amazing dexterity, he has pulled a multitude of exciting learning activities out of a very few pages and created new life for otherwise dull lectures. I love his handouts. They alone are worth far more than the cost of this volume. Bravo, maestro…and thanks for tools that liven up our lectures, our learning, and our lives. —Harold D. Stolovitch, co-author of Telling Ain't Training and Training Ain't Performance

Don't just read this book—use it. Use it when you speak in front of audiences of thousands, hundreds, or just two. Use it in staff meetings. Use it when you design e-learning courses. Use it when writing proposals. No matter how you use it, this book will help you double your speaker evaluations and let you uncover the very essence of interactivity. —Clark Aldrich, author of Learning by Doing and Simulations and the Future of Learning