Simulation Games by Thiagi


Simulation Games by Thiagi


This is a collection of seven different simulation game booklets: Cash Games, Diversity Simulation Games, More Cash Games, Seven More Simulations, SH! Sexual Harassment Simulation, Teamwork Games, and Triangles.


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    • Cash Games: Exploring Interpersonal Concepts and Skills. Four simulation games that use cash prizes to explore such areas as negotiation, cooperation, and conflict resolution.
    • Diversity Simulation Games: Exploring and Celebrating Differences. Five brief and powerful activities that deal with the theme of diversity in the workplace.
    • More Cash Games: Exploring Interpersonal Principles and Procedures. A sequel to Cash Games with four powerful simulations that explore collaboration, persuasion, coalition formation, and decisionmaking.
    • Seven More Simulations: Reflections of Life in a Microworld. Seven ready-to-use simulation games that explore such topics as negotiating win/win solutions, designing training packages, planning for long-term, conducting experiments, thinking scientifically, and trading off information and money.
    • SH!: Sexual Harassment Simulation. An unusual simulation game with a surprising twist. Players don't realize that the game they have been playing is actually a simulation of sexual harassment in the workplace--until they are ready for debriefing!
    • Teamwork Games: Exploring Factors That Affect Team Performance. Three simulation games that explore such areas as diversity, trust, and leadership.
    • TRIANGLES: Exploring Organizational Relationships. A simulation game that explores such areas as customer satisfaction and employee participation.