Photo Jolts! Deck

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Photo Jolts! Deck


Have you seen other facilitators use training tools with pictures to explore and teach complex concepts? You can now use several image-based activities with your team.

Each card in this deck of 52 displays a high-resolution, high impact, immersive, varied, global, sturdy, and intentionally ambiguous photograph. The cards are used in a variety of engaging activities (demonstrated on YouTube) that start conversations to provide clarity and creativity to the participants.

You can immediately begin using the Photo Jolts! deck by watching brief demonstrations of these games on YouTube. Just go to and enter "photo jolts activities" in the search box.


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Here are some of the activities you can facilitate using the Photo Jolts! deck:

  • Black Sheep helps you discover like and unlike relationships.
  • And Then helps you tell an interactive story based on random photos and other people's inputs.
  • Emotional Rescue strengthens your empathy and helps you communicate emotions through images.
  • Optimist and Pessimist helps you see the positive and negative aspects in any situation.
  • A Christmas Carol helps you visualize your past, present, and future.
  • Visual Memory tests your ability to recall details.
  • User Experience reveals how different people experience your product, service, or situation.

You should have no difficulty creating your own games to suit the needs and preferences of your participants.

(Also see 51-Activity Photo Jolts! Book.)