Photo Jolts! book


Photo Jolts! book


Photo Jolts! shows you how to leverage the power of images to improve yourself, your team, and your organization. This book contains 51 activities proven to help participants think, plan, and take action.


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John Kouzes, author of The Leadership Challenge, says “In The Leadership Challenge, we stress the importance of creating an image-based shared vision. With Photo Jolts!, we finally have a collection of activities that helps anyone use photographs to create that vision.”

Edward Museo, author of Make Work Great, says “Thiagi—the Grand Master of interactive learning—meets Glenn Hughes—the Grand Master of goal-driven instructional design. The result is a work that belongs on the bookshelf of everyone who facilitates groups. You'll be glad you bought this book after the first use. After the 100th, you won't remember how you got along without it.”

Written for trainers, teachers, coaches, managers, and HR professionals, Photo Jolts! provides step-by-step instructions for facilitating problem-solving, team building, design, and coaching sessions.

Each of the 51 ready-to-play activities in this book includes:

  • Recommended topics
  • A step-by-step script
  • Customizable variations
  • A sample of play outcomes
  • Debrief questions
  • Tips and tools
  • Advice for virtual play