Jolts 3! Activities to Wake Up and Engage Your Participants

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Jolts 3-cover.png

Jolts 3! Activities to Wake Up and Engage Your Participants


A jolt is an experiential learning activity that illustrates one or more important learning points.  A few important characteristics of jolts are:

  • Jolts last for a very short period of time
  • Jolts provide participants with insights rather than skills
  • Jolts produce emotional effects
  • Some jolts require interaction among participants
  • All jolts must be followed by a debriefing


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Jolts lull participants into behaving in a comfortable way and then suddenly deliver a powerful wakeup call. They are brief, engaging, and easily adaptable to your purpose. Jolts force participants to re-examine their assumptions and habitual behaviors. A typical jolt lasts for less than five minutes but provides enough insights for a lengthy debriefing.

What's Inside

In Jolts 3! you will find 30 ready-to-use activities that are sure to engage and energize your participants.  Some topics explored are avoiding obsession; the Barnum effect; cooperation and competition; cultural background; data trends; empowerment; mindfulness; avoiding multitasking; optimism bias; partnership; alternative perspectives; priming; productivity; risk reduction; self-imposed restrictions; selflessness; standard procedures; trust; tutoring; unlearning; walking the talk; and more.