Interactive Techniques for Instructor-Led Training


Interactive Techniques for Instructor-Led Training


Interactive Techniques for Instructor-Led Training is the main manual used in Thiagi’s workshop of the same name. It explores key principles and procedures related to the design and delivery of interactive training in a face-to-face setting.


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Here are the eight modules of this book:

  1. Openers for jump-starting your training session. Detailed instructions for conducting the Hello game. The concept of framegames. How to use the same template for designing games on different topics for use before, during, and after a training session.
  2. Interactive lectures that combine structure and playfulness. Detailed instructions for conducting three interactive lecture activities. Brief descriptions of 40 all-purpose interactive lectures.
  3. Textras as games that reinforce reading assignments. Detailed descriptions for conducting three textra games that explore different aspects of learning activities. Directions for creating your own textra games.
  4. Jolts as brief experiential exercises that provide deep insights. Instructions for conducing six jolts.
  5. Debriefing as the key element for learning from activities by reflecting after a game and sharing useful insights. Five different “games after the game” to provide engaging debriefing discussions.
  6. Flexible facilitation principles that enable us to appropriately modify the pace, intensity, rigidity, level of competition, and other such factors in a training activity.
  7. Handling disruptive participants by using 29 different sets of tactics and 12 different strategies. Using the Envelope game to explore techniques for working with challenging participants.
  8. Closers for reviewing and applying new skills and knowledge. Detailed instructions for conducting four different closers.