Increasing Personal Productivity

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Increasing Personal Productivity


This game includes a deck of 52 cards with pieces of practical advice related to increasing your personal productivity. The game manual (free download) contains detailed instructions for playing 20 different games (which can accommodate 1 to 100 players and last from 10 minutes to 52 weeks) with this deck of cards.


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If you are not a productive person by nature, you can still learn how to become one. The practical pieces of advice in this card game teach you how to manage your time, attention, and energy. Learn to block distractions and interruptions. Produce results in an engaged and efficient fashion. Reach your priority goals using faster and smarter techniques.

The Cards

The deck contains 52 cards each with a piece of practical advice related to increasing your personal productivity. Each piece of advice is self-contained, evidence-based, and immediately usable. The pieces of advice are not based on any single book or model. Instead they are based on our analysis of several books, research reports, case studies, online forums, conference sessions, and interviews with subject-matter experts.

The Games

What makes this training tool effective and engaging is the collection of 20 different games. These games can be played by different numbers of people (from 1 to 100) and last for different periods of time (from 10 minutes to 52 weeks).

The games require the players to take a piece of advice and analyze it, apply it, challenge it, critique it, discuss it, evaluate it, explain it, identify its essence, plan its application, use it to solve problems, provide examples of its application, relate it to the workplace, summarize it, find supporting evidence for it, and teach it to others. In other words, the games encourage in-depth analysis and mindful application of the pieces of advice.

We keep improving the flow of these games and designing new games. We continuously update the game manual on our website. You can download the current version of the game manual (free of charge) by going to